Friday, 14 December 2012

Programme for 2013

In the end we were seven Merioneth Nats meeting here for our December social and planning meeting for 2013.  Polly and baby Jay were grounded as Polly isn't allowed to drive [and Jay can't yet].

Martin and Clare at Nantgwyrddail last summer
Still, Martin and Clare Rand came all the way from Hampshire and Paul Green from Cardiff and there was me, Jenny, Jacky and Andrew and we managed to eat almost all the food.

With ideas and contributions from other members added before the event we came up with the following list of targeted species and places:

Coeloglossum viride
Wikimedia Commons

Drosera intermedia Llyn Barfog 2011
Targeted places [All grid refs approx and of course, subject to access permissions.]

Cwm Cywarch especially SH8519
Unimproved grassland generally 
+ Brwyn Llyniau [SH5829] 
Rhobell [SH7825]
Cae Heuad [SH7722]
Dduallt and bog to the east [SH8128]
Cors Coch [SH7033 etc]
Maes y Pandy [SH6908]
Morfa Harlech North [SH5
Ynys Gifftan [SH53S]
Cynwyd [SJ04G] or Betws Gwerfil Goch [SJ04I]

Some target spp for 2013 [no particular order]
 Coeloglossum viride
Drosera intermedia
Eleocharis acicularis
Eleocharis parvula
Empetrum nigrum subsp hermaphroditum
Antennaria dioica
Galium boreale
Orthilia secunda
Hammerbya paludosa
Trollius europaeus

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