Tuesday, 2 December 2014

October - a busy week in Wales - Rhyd

It began with the Cofnod conference in Llandudno, once again held at the fine Community Centre at Craig y Don.  It was sad to be there and to know that Tony [A J E] Smith] was no longer living round the corner. After a nice tea with Wendy, I went off to Harlech where I stayed at the campsite at Tanforhesgen in a fine caravan for a couple of nights with every modern convenience.  I will certainly be returning there as it will be a great
base for more recording visits.

The next day was Merioneth Nats. John and I had reccied the Rhyd area for parking etc,  the week before the meeting.  It was a glorious autumn day then, and lovely Welsh countryside.  I was looking forward so much to a return visit! 

In the event it poured all day and although we made lots of records it wasn't such an inspiring area after all and we were glad to retire to the little tea room at Llanfrothen for hot chocolate and buns!  Many thanks to Martin and Mari for braving the weather and contributing  to the cause! 

Berula erecta

 I finished the week's botanising with a day out with Martin and Andrew Graham to Harlech Point.  Even going in from the campsite it was a very long walk and we didn't quite get to the rich area of the dunes, but the day was made by Andrew spotting Berula erecta, Lesser Water-parsnip -.the first hectad record for this RPR species since 1972!

Y Tebernacl, Machynlleth
" a very beautiful auditorium with perfect acoustics".

Even that was not the end of my Welsh week - I went to a splendid concert at the Tabernacl in Machynlleth that evening, staying with Penny Condry, and then went to Quaker Meeting at Pantperthog on my way home.

When I have a programme like that where everything fits in so well, it makes botanising from Preston a real pleasure

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