Monday, 6 April 2015

Back in Preston

Some fine spring weather tempted us out into the Lancashire countryside and we started at the golf club at Hurst Green.  We walked up the drive towards Stonyhurst College, which looked extremely imposing - and surely quite frightening for a young boy [or girl] arriving there for the first time!

We went wrong almost straight away but were grateful that our mistake took us into the village of Hurst Green and past St Peter's Club where a warming cup of coffee speeded us on our way again.

Dean's Brook with the path edged with  Fringecups
We walked along Dean's Brook which runs into the river Hodder near the School.  It was a charming scene, I thought somewhat marred by the carpets of the naturalised alien Fringecups, Tellima grandiflora, along the banks of the brook.
Wood anemone with Golden-saxifrage
The newly-flowering Great Wood-rush

The Spring flowers are just beginning to show, with Great Wood-rush, Luzula sylvatica just coming into flower and sheets of Opposite-leaved Golden-saxifrage, Chrysosplenium oppositifolium beside abundant wood anemones  

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